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About Me

About Me
I am experienced online instructor and I teach French and Bulgarian since 2009.

Everything began when I traveled to Paris in 2007 as interpreter of a local Bulgarian football team. Later on, I studied International relations. After a couple of years in Bulgaria, I left for Aix-en-Provence and finally to Bordeaux for a master degree in Social Law.

Despite my qualifications, I gained lots of experience in various areas such as finance, tourism, commerce and HR. I lived and traveled in different countries to develop my language skills and to quench my thirst for independence and poly-valency.

The times for a change came. Back in my home country I integrated different European projects for online learning, had internships in Paris, met the right people at the right moment and I was lucky! I found myself expanding my creativity and building trust in people. All this led to the present moment where I work with governmental employees, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, business men, CEOs, kids and many other French & Bulgarian lovers. I am also Instructional Supervisor for one of the most successful language schools in the world!

I am flexible, committed, energetic, receptive to change. Whether you are an individual or an organization, don't hesitate to contact me for further details on how to achieve your language goals. The best is yet to come - I promise!

Online Courses

Online French Course with a pleasant, welcoming and efficient methodology! In this first level, you will learn to introduce yourself, to order at a restaurant and to talk about your favorite hobby.

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What People Say

 I work with Veronica for more than a year now. She’s an exceptional person and teacher. Her professionalism, her way to motivate to learn more and more and demonstrate better results every time. Her friendliness, which makes you feel more comfortable. Her individual approach, which is matched with the needs of the students – all these things make her the best teacher, I’ve ever met and had. Every class contains interesting topics and exercises, but foremost very practical and useful for me. Thanks to our work together, I gain more knowledge and I feel ever more confident in communicating in French. Thank You Veronica!"

Kristiana VenkovaHousewife

 Sans aucun doute, Veronica est l'une des meilleures enseignantes que j'aie jamais rencontrées. Grâce à ses qualités professionnelles, elle m'a beaucoup aidé à apprendre le français de manière simple, intrigante et accessible. Je recommande vivement ses services à mes proches et amis, car je sais qu'ils recevront une formation de qualité et une attitude personnelle!"

Radoslav SpasovKinésithérapeute

 Veronika has all required hard and soft skills that allow me enjoying the class and make progress with my French skills. Very happy with her teaching!"

Marisela Silva ChauLegal Adviser to the Operations for the Americas Legal Division for ICRC

 D’après moi, tu es une prof exceptionnelle. Je t’adore pour me donner la chance de parler français sans la tension et les restrictions de la salle de classe. J’ai fondé avec toi une relation pas très formelle - je te respecte comme un prof et je peux parler avec toi comme avec mes amis."

Betina CholakovaStudent

 I really like the introduction of each lesson. The positive here is that you emphasize on what I have missed and we focus on my weaknesses."

Pavel StefanovCommercial Manager